Inspiration for the Ideal Modern Kitchen

Interior design is constantly evolving and with every passing year, new trends come about that change the game. One aspect of design that we’ve seen take the world by storm is modern and minimal kitchen design – something that we’ve been doing for quite some time!

Modern kitchen design provides a sense of peace even for those who aren’t avid cooks with its clean and minimal appearance. They often feature smooth textures and strong angles, while also utilizing ample cabinet space to house things like kitchen accessories and even larger kitchen appliances, all of which provide a striking yet easy on the eyes appearance.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite kitchen projects that provide endless inspiration for the ideal modern kitchen:

An Organized Oasis

This stunning kitchen designed by Cantoni designer Nicole George and kitchen designer Eugenio Reyes is an organized person’s dream. Other than the gorgeous drop-down ceiling and waterfall white-quartz-topped island, this Cedar Creek Lake home kitchen utilizes beautifully crafted Italian Aster Cucine cabinetry to hide appliances and kitchen goods to create a seamless and pristine appearance. Photography by Michael Hunter Photography.

View the full project below:

Modern Warmth

To highlight the home’s surrounding landscape, this Los Angeles kitchen incorporates plenty of neutral tones and wood materials, complete with custom cabinetry from Aster Cucine. Dan Brunn of Dan Brunn Architecture, opted for a matte oak and dark grey matte lacquer cabinetry from Aster’s Contempora Collection to create tonality and texture throughout the space. Photography done by Brandon Shigeta.

View the full project below:

Bold and Monochromatic

Nothing says bold quite like a black and white kitchen with gold accents. Built by Sims Luxury Builders, this Houston kitchen was designed by Amy McFall, who immediately took to the home’s simplistic yet elegant features. She decked the kitchen out in dark grey, high-gloss lacquer cabinets from Aster Cucine’s Atelier Collection, as well as dark grey oak cabinets, gold accents, and stunning custom, heavily veined Calacatta Viola marble on both the countertops and backsplash to create depth and texture – and a whole lot of edginess – throughout the space. Photography done by Michael Hunter Photography.

View the full project below:

Industrial Chic

Modern kitchens aren’t only limited to bright, white design. In this remodel, Cantoni designer Kohl Sudnikovich took the bones of this Atlanta loft kitchen and leaned heavily into its industrial and contemporary vibe. Starting with cabinetry from Aster Cucine, Kohl opted for cabinets from their Factory Collection, which are handcrafted in Italy using recycled materials and reclaimed wood. And combined with accenting black iron cabinetry, a mix of hardware metals, and a stunning Spartacus stone countertop and island, this kitchen puts an exciting new twist on the modern kitchen style. Photography done by Morgan Blake.

View the full project below:

A Clean Slate

Unlike the last kitchen, this one features white – and a lot of it. Bold, clean, and perfectly pristine, this Fort Worth-based kitchen is the perfect place to go for the minimalistic, organic feel. Coupled with various pops of bright red and stunning panoramic views of the properties surrounding greenery and lush golf course dunes, this kitchen is the epitome of modern kitchen design. Photography done by Cody Ulrich.

View the full project below:

No matter your style, we hope that these kitchens were able to provide you with some ideas and inspirations on modern kitchen trends. If you’re in the middle of a kitchen project or are planning to start one in the near future, connect with one of our fantastic designers who will be able to assist from start to finish on helping you create the kitchen of your dreams!