Counter Stools vs. Bar Stools: Which One is Right for You?

Finding the right stool for your counter or bar top can be tricky. There are many deciding factors that come into play when shopping: style, color, comfort, and most importantly – height. While counter stools and bar stools look similar, height is the biggest difference between these two stylish seating options. It can often be a bit confusing on which one will be right for you so that’s why we’ve provided some helpful tips to assist you in your decision on finding the perfect counter or bar stool for your kitchen or dining space.

Counter Stools

Arcadia Couture Counter Stool

Standard counter height is typically 36″, however it is common to find counters that range from 35-39″ in height. When looking for the perfect counter stool, expect to find that they range between 24-27″ in seat height, which is the measurement between your floor and the bottom of your seat. Measuring this gives you the opportunity to find a stool that allows you to have plenty of space between your legs and the counter without having to sit too low or too high.

Counter stools are also a great way to serve as an accent to your space or they can act as a dramatic eye-catching piece that is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen or dining space.

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Bar Stools

Isabel Bar Stool

Bar stools are typically taller than a counter stool. Typical bar height is around 42″, but some of them can range anywhere from 41-43″ in height. If your surface is within this height range, look for a stool with a seat height of 29-32″.

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Axel X Bar Stool

Needing an option for both counter and bar stools? Adjustable options are the way to go! Just like the name suggests, adjustable bar/counter stools provide you with the versatility of both, with a movable base that makes them shorter or taller depending on your need. These also make a great option for those pressed on space – just move your stool wherever its needed and adjust accordingly.

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Whether you need a counter stool or a bar stool, measurement is always key. Be sure and measure the height of your surface before making a decision. Another good thing to keep in mind is your height. If you are shorter, opt for a stool with a seat height that is taller, making it closer to your counter or bar. Alternately, if you are taller, choose a stool that is further away from your surface for maximum comfort. Visit our website to see our complete range of counter and bar stools to find the right one for you.