Functional and Stylish: Inside BDI’s Corridor Audio Tower

A new year calls for new resolutions and BDI’s Corridor Audio Tower can help with that. Staying organized is often a new year’s resolution of many, but sometimes isn’t seen through. Organized audio/video gear becomes not only easy with the Corridor Audio Tower, but stylish as well with its cleverly built structure and beautifully designed appearance.

This audio tower hosts a wide variety of useful functions and features that are bound to make your media and entertaining space stylishly sophisticated and easy to navigate.

Louvered Doors

Corridor’s louvered doors are something to take pride in. Designed by BDI’s Associate Design Director, Matthew Weatherly, the beautifully crafted louvered design is a signature in the entire Corridor collection and provides an element of functionality as well. The slated design provides proper ventilation for any components housed inside, allowing remote control signals and sound to pass through without having to open the doors.

Adjustable Shelving

Measuring 44.75 inches tall by 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep, the Corridor Audio Tower offers ample storage space and plenty of ways to store your media components. When you open the beautifully crafted doors, that’s where the true magic happens. Housed inside is an abundance of customizable shelving that can be rearranged to fit your various needs and clever features that showcases the sheer greatness of BDI’s design. This includes one fixed shelf and two adjustable ones, as well as built-in ventilation, a removable back panel, cable management, and hidden wheels for a seamless look.

Satin-Etched Glass Top

And to really seal the deal, the Corridor Audio Tower is complete with a satin-etched glass top. Unlike traditional glass surfaces, satin-etched glass offers a slightly texture appearance and feel, which is unique all on its own, but is also highly durable and scratch-resistant.

No matter your new year’s resolution, staying organized is something that is important in a home, especially in any media room or entertainment space. BDI’s Corridor Audio Tower and other media pieces are a great way to keep your space neat and tidy, while having everything you need readily available at a moment’s notice. Visit our website for more information about BDI and their innovative media and office furniture.