Gamma: The Beauty of the Details

Every great story begins with a shared vision. This is exactly what happened in 1974 when Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti shared their longtime passion for quality furnishings to create Gamma Arredamenti International.

Starting as a small sofa manufacturing firm in Italy, Gamma soon grew in size thanks to their continuous control over the quality of their products and the creativity and expertise of their designers and craftsmen.

Each product that passes through their Forlì plant is crafted by the hands of skilled experts, who are responsible for creating in-depth, delicate and polished work. Every design takes shape and is transformed into quality products that then become a part of your everyday life.

Explore some of Gamma’s distinctive pieces

Smart Sectional

The Smart Sectional is a modular leather sofa that is equipped with Gamma’s iconic mechanism, which can be applied to any backrest, including the corner section. This “smart” solution will adapt perfectly to any situation or any lifestyle and also offers added comfort thanks to its lower back reinforcement in the backrest cushions.

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Cocoon Armchair

Invigorating with a frisson of freshness and design innovation, Cocoon is a leather sofa part of Gamma’s Dandy Home Collection. The modern design of the Cocoon range has a vast modular-seating system, which gives great flexibility of composition. Each individual design has been specially designed to allow it to be customized with a wide array of materials and finishes.

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Gregory Sofa

Gregory is a unique leather sofa in terms of size, worth and final finishing, as well as being a spectacular showcase for Gamma’s sartorial skills. Premium leather clings to each individual part of the frame elegantly outlined by topstitching around the edges. Leather buckles on the armrests and backrests are decorative details which define and add an original inflection – a signature touch by designer Giuseppe Viganò.

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Veronica Armchair

Veronica is a relaxed and roomy armchair which can easily accommodate two people – it has invitingly comfortable backrest cushions for serious lounging. Its pristine pared back aesthetic is further elevated by two exquisite side belts in leather, which embodies Gamma’s sartorial superiority and, like a signature quirk, makes it all the more authentic and unique.

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Brooklyn Bookcase

Drawing inspiration from the leather goods sector, the Brooklyn Bookcase is a beautiful addition to Gamma’s Dandy Home Collection. Able to be attached to the wall, Brooklyn features a metal frame and has shelving in three different sizes. Elegantly finished leather straps adorn the shelves and come with a fastening button made to match the framework.

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To learn more about Gamma and their wide array of Italian-made products, visit our website or call 877-881-9191 to be connected to the store nearest you.