Redefining Outdoor Luxury with Manutti

From a very early age, Manutti Founder and CEO Stephane De Winter was exposed to the beauty and diversity of materials, fabrics, and fibers. Since their conception almost two decades ago, Manutti has focused on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture that is as distinctive as their customer.

Each Manutti piece draws inspiration in the allure, beauty, and vibrancy of everyday environments – creating a series of moods in materials, colors and designs that stand out, but are designed to fit right in.

Discover some of Manutti’s moods:

Seaside Afternoon

There’s no better way to start your lazy Sunday morning than with a day out by the sea. Take some time to wake up on the terrace from your timeless Radius chair. Oceanic colors are combined with natural wood for an added touch of warmth. End the day relaxing in the cozy Manutti lounger and watch the sun set over the water.

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Living the Lush Life

Imagine your inner-city house being an oasis of serenity. Mornings outside have never look so inviting served on the stylish Torsa table and complementing Flex nero chairs. Recline in your Manutti loungers for a quick nap or a day in the sun and draw the Light Flame Lumo near to set the perfect lighting for the perfect mood.

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A Family Retreat by the Water

Sit back and relax for a glorious day in the sun. Near the swimming pool, your Radius lounger and sofa offer the perfect getaway for a relaxing moment or two. Take a seat on a Manutti barstool at the high dining table to enjoy a light lunch. End the day in style with a festive toast – Manutti’s Lumo lighting will provide just the right ambience.

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Romantic Living

Picture a peaceful place that sweeps you right back into nature with the breeze playing among the leaves and grass. Rest comfortably in the sophisticated yet natural embrace of the Flex sofa. Gather around the stylish Torsa table for a rustic dinner surrounded by lush foliage. Combined with the slender frames of the Solid stools in natural teak, your outdoor garden space will be tailored beyond perfection.

Discover more about Manutti’s Tender Earth mood.

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