How to Style Console Tables Like a Pro

While entryways may look different in every home, they all have one thing in common: it’s the first thing that guests see the minute they step through the door. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, it’s important that your entryway looks the part! Console tables are a great way to not only serve as a functional hub for all of your on-the-go essentials, but they are also a great option whenever you’re unsure of how to fill empty space.

Figuring out where to place a console table is one thing, but knowing how to style one to perfection is something completely different. Below we show you our favorite tips and tricks on how to style your console table so that it catches the eye and makes a bold statement.

Style with decorative objects

The most common way to style your console table, decorative objects are a great way to take up space, while still being stylish and showing off your personality and style. We highly recommend styling different types of objects of various materials and sizes, such as a bowl for the ideal catch-all and small tabletop sculptures or decorative vases for the perfect pop of visual interest. Pictured: Westin Keramik Console.

Check out a few of our favorite decorative objects:

Go minimal

For those who prefer a more clean and simple look, you can never go wrong with a more minimalist look. Styling one or a couple of pieces together on one side of your console table will create visual diversity that will not only catch the eye, but also not overwhelm your space. Vases provide the perfect opportunity to make a big impact in a singular product. Pictured: Wave Console Table, Metropolis Console Table – Black/Clear.

Explore some of our favorite vases:

Have it pull double duty

Oftentimes space becomes an issue and this is when a console table pulling double duty comes in handy. If you’re short on space or just want to maximize the space that you do have, consider using your console table as a desk or vanity as well. Sleek and more narrow than normal tables, console tables provide the perfect opportunity to utilize a space in a functional way – just pull up a chair and you’re good to go. Pictured Fil Rouge Console Table, Tour Console Table.

Here’s some of our favorite small space chairs:

Display your favorite libations

Console tables are also the perfect option for a makeshift bar! Display all of your favorite glassware, bar tools and bottles on a stylish console table to save on space and always have it at the ready whenever you may need it. Pictured: Ring Console Table.

Console tables are diverse, stylish and functional – be sure to check out our wide range of console tables and connect with one of our talented designers and receive a complimentary consultation to style your space to perfection.