Give the Gift of Art This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching! Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a friend, family member or loved one can be difficult but we’re here to make things easy for you. Adlan Kaezar’s eccentric and unique Art Box collection pieces are a new arrival to Cantoni and we can’t get enough of them! Each piece is an embellished Giclee on canvas and displays some sort of notable figure or icon with bold colors that is sure to transform any space into one that is playful and fun. Give the gift of color this holiday season with our favorite Adlan Kaezar Art Box collection pieces:


A bright and playful collage of America’s most recognizable icons throughout history.


A stunning display of negative space and pops of vibrant color that tells a fascinating yet glamorous story.


A fascinating incorporation of color with black and white. The ideal piece to create a “wow” factor in any space.


An homage to the iconic French fashion designer and brand. Glamorous, sophisticated and memorable all in one.


America’s favorite cartoon couple. High-spirited and energetic with a beautiful array of rainbow colors.


Interesting depth and dimension comes in the form of traditional black and white with an explosion of colors.


Striking for its balance of energetic orange and stark white, this art piece embodies everything that is high-quality and glamorous.


A striking piece that plays with linear forms and the portrayal of depth.


Vibrant pink, glimmering gold and jet black – a stunning contrast of feminine and masculine identities.


Subtle in appearance, striking in its delivery. The ideal entertainment room piece either grouped in multiples or as a standalone piece.


The collage-like appearance creates stunning depth and dimension while subtle pops of colors create a fun aspect.


Fun, playful and completely original – a showcase of neutral tones and striking pops of color.

Adlan Kaezar’s stunning designs take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. Take your holiday season, or someone else’s, up a notch with these spectacular and on-trend pieces. Be sure and visit our website to check out all of our other art pieces and to get some inspiration for the perfect gift idea.