A Wonderful Review From a Satisfied Customer!

This is what we love to hear about at Cantoni! Customers who are satisfied with every aspect of our Triple C Service. No matter who you are at Cantoni, we all adhere to the Triple C Service (Cantoni. Customer. Commitment.), which is a driving force within our company to ensure that our customers are taken care of and satisfied 100% from start to finish. Keep reading to see a great review that Madeline in LA wrote about our talented designer Sean Ames, our Delivery Coordinator Alicia, and our fantastic delivery team!

“In 2019, my husband and I were looking at furniture just for the heck of it. I took a picture of this really interesting media console so I would remember it when (three years later!) we decided to actually redo our living room. Couldn’t remember where I had seen it, but the piece had the brand name on it. I looked up the manufacturer and found a handful of dealers that carried it. Cantoni was the only one that was open on Sunday. Steve and I are an unstylish middle-aged couple that often get ignored at expensive stores. At Cantoni, Sean was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and made us feel like we were his most important customers. He and my husband compared notes about surround sound and other TV/tech stuff (that makes my eyes glaze over). We made our purchase; it was delivered in 4 weeks instead of 6. Alicia coordinated the delivery with efficiency and a smile. The guys that brought it today were friendly and courteous (and didn’t complain about the 35 stairs from the street up to the front door). They called to see if it was okay if they came a little early, which was fine. They adjusted the doors to be perfectly aligned and showed me how to extend the legs when we had positioned the cabinet in the right spot. It’s absolutely beautiful, unusual, and will be a stunning focal point in the room when it’s painted and the rest of our furniture arrives.”

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