How to Choose an Area Rug for Your Dining Space

Area rugs are one of the many decorative elements that can add a great amount of warmth, color, and texture to your dining room. As an important piece in the design scheme of the space, a rug also acts as the foundation for all of your other furniture.

While a solid colored, patterned, or even shag area rug may have the power to further enhance your already beautifully styled dining area, finding the right size, style, and type of rug that fits your space and that you love can be a bit more challenging. But not to worry! We’re here to help by providing you with some helpful tips and special savings during our Dining + Rug Event!


First and foremost, always measure your dining room before shopping for a rug. It’s also important to note that you measure your dining table with chairs included to ensure that the rug you choose will be big enough to fit both. A good way to visualize how the size of the rug will look in your dining space is by outlining the area of where the rug will go. This can be done with something as simple as a measuring tape.

Rule of Thumb: Look for a rug that extends at least 24 inches around your dining table and remember to keep at least 18 inches of floor exposed around all sides of the rug’s edge and the wall.

See two of our projects below that showcase perfectly proportioned rugs:

Patina Area Rug, Project: A Warm and Modern Escape in Downtown Las Vegas | Barkley Area Rug, Project: An Urban Oasis


The type of fiber used in a rug is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a rug in your dining area. What material you opt for will also be dependent on your needs and lifestyle. If you don’t typically use your dining area on a daily basis, softer, more plush rugs made of cotton or wool can be an option for you. If you tend to entertain often, especially during the holiday season, a synthetic fiber rug (acrylic, polypropylene, or polyester) is a great option due to its easy maintenance and water-resistant qualities.

Here are some of our top picks depending on your lifestyle:

Synthetic Fibers: Acrylic, Polypropylene, Viscone, Polyester

Barcelona Shag Rug – Twilight |Cascade Area Rug – Ivory/Natural | Serena Area Rug – Brown

Natural Fibers: Cotton, Sisal, Jute, Wool

Atlantic Monetti Area Rug – Grey | Mad Men Fahrenheit Are Rug – Fall | Akina Area Rug – Grey/Charcoal


Area rugs in a dining room presents a fantastic opportunity to create stunning visual interest that guests will immediately be drawn to. Depending on your space and style, visual interest can be created by a solid colored rug with an unusual texture, or even a large rug with a vibrant and eye-catching color or pattern. The choice is ultimately up to you but we’re sure that no matter what you pick, it’s bound to transform your space and wow your guests.

Here’s some rugs that are bound to draw attention:

Juneau Area Rug – Gold | Mara Grande Area Rug | Patina Area Rug – Wheat/Grey

Venice Beach In/Out Area Rug – Charcoal/Lime | Ariana Outdoor Area Rug – Charcoal | Callie Shag Area Rug – Teal/Multi


Purchasing a rug is a big investment due to the fact that it requires extensive labor to make. It is, however, a wise investment that will provide years of service and pleasure, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to get the perfect rug for your dining space.

Tip: Take a look at the backside of a rug, as it’s the easiest way to distinguish the quality of its construction. For example, the commonly used wool fiber, along with the individual knots on the backside of a hand-knotted rug, marks high-quality among the different types of rug construction.

Ready to get started on your rug shopping expedition? Don’t wait too long – our Dining + Rug Event won’t be here for long! And if you’re in need of additional guidance, don’t fret. Our knowledgeable design consultants are ready and eager to help you bring your dining room and other areas of your home to life.