Which Dining Table Shape is Right for You?

With all the different shapes and sizes to choose from… Which dining table is right for you and your space? Well, there’s more to it than just your preferred shape. The shape and size of your dining room is the ultimate factor to consider when shopping for a new dining table. Keep reading to find out which shape of dining table will complement your space the best.

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Rectangular Dining Tables

Stratos Keramik Dining Table

Probably one of the most common types of dining tables, rectangular tables fit just about any dining room, seeing as most are rectangular themselves. These types of tables are also great if you have a large family or entertain frequently, as you can typically fit more than four people at a rectangular table, especially if the table extends.

Ideally, a rectangular dining table should be between 36 inches to 42 inches wide. A more narrow table can also work if you have a narrow dining space, but keep in mind that any table smaller than 36 inches wide may become difficult to place table settings on either side, as well as room for food.

Here are some of our favorite rectangular dining tables:

Air Wildwood Dining Table | Echo Ceramic Top Table | Stratos Wood Dining Table

Round Dining Tables

Skorpio Ker/Wood Round Dining Table

Round dining tables also present a fantastic opportunity for smaller spaces, or if you prefer more standing room, can also work for larger square rooms due to the fact that the table has no corners. Like square tables, round ones allow for conversation, making them perfect for smaller dinner parties or intimate gatherings.

If you prefer a round table but tend to entertain often, consider purchasing a round table that extends, like the Giro Dining Table. This gives you the aesthetic you’re looking for, but also provides you with additional space when needed.

Here are some of our favorite round dining tables:

Roger Table | Fashion Affair Round Dining Table | Carioca Round Dining Table

Oval Dining Tables

Giro Dining Table

An oval dining table is very similar to a rectangular one in almost all aspects. Visually, it occupies less space than a traditional rectangular table, but that also means that it offers less of a surface area. Oval tables are a great option if you have a more narrow dining space or a smaller room that might need to fit additional people on occasion.

Here are our favorite oval dining tables:

Mark Oval Table | Carioca Dining Table

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