Redfin Tells of Transforming Your Home with 20 Helpful Tips

Redfin, best known for their real estate listing platform, has shed some helpful advice on their blog on how to transform your home into one that feels more elegant, with an insightful tip from Cantoni. Keep reading to see how you can easily update your space with one simple tip.

From tips on how to curate decor that is unique to you and updating your lighting to playing with texture and placing key pieces throughout your home, we’re excited to say that Cantoni provided insight into how you can rearrange your space for a budget-friendly refresh.

Redfin writes, “With the pandemic, people realized spaces are important and elegance can be as simple as editing and reworking what you have.” At Cantoni, we completely agree! And in response to that, we offered a tip that helps a lot of homeowners make their space feel brand new:

“For an instant change in any space, rearranging the existing furniture and removing or redistributing the existing accessories will provide you with a whole new look with minimal effort. For a more refreshing new look, introducing greenery (real or faux) will add a vibrancy that is often overlooked in indoor spaces.”

Be sure and visit Redfin’s blog to see how you can easily revamp your home with their 20 transformative tips and stay connected with us for helpful tips and tricks, home inspiration, and Cantoni news!

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