Enjoy the Outdoors Under Cover of Tuuci’s Innovative Shades

Rain or shine, you can enjoy your outdoor space underneath one of Tuuci’s revolutionary shades. Built to last, these modern parasols take modern comfort to the next level with their stylish appearance and durable construction. Want to explore what makes Tuuci so unique? Keep reading!

Who is Tuuci?

Tuuci was founded by Dougan Clarke in Miami, Florida. For more than 20 years, Tuuci has been creating innovative, unique, and stylish platforms that are specially engineered to perform in any environment. The fabrics used are durable, easy to care for, and most importantly, beautiful.

To create these revolutionary products, Tuuci has drawn upon decades of field data that has been derived from real usage and exhaustive wind testing to ensure that their products perform as intended.

Each component is marine-grade and modular, allowing your Tuuci piece to be endlessly serviceable so that you can protect your investment and the environment.


What makes Tuuci so great is that each piece is completely customizable, so that you can get exactly what you want, right down to the finer details. Finishes range from a powder coat in multiple different colors to rich woods that are specially treated to last for many years. Canopies are available in a myriad of colors and textures, and can even be enhanced with multiple different features, such as double-sided prints, accent borders, and even tassels. And when that’s not enough, treat yourself to luxurious upgrades, which can include Ambia LED lighting, heating, and rain gutters for the wet months.

Of course, these are not all of the customization options that are available. Be sure and contact one of our designers to enjoy a complimentary consultation, where you can brief them on exactly what you’re looking for in your Tuuci design.

Shopping Tuuci at Cantoni

Tuuci is available for purchase through our retail locations. Be sure and visit one of our showrooms or contact a designer for more information. Here are some of the Tuuci designs that we carry at Cantoni:


With durable engineering, stylish profiles, and a functional shade design, the Ocean Master M1 Classic is exactly that – a classic. Manufactured to marine specifications, all Ocean Master M1 parasols feature 100% replaceable parts for easy service and a 5-15 year warranty.

✔️ Patented independent bracket hub system
✔️ Marine grade aluminum components
✔️ Manual lift with stainless-steel security pin
✔️ Armor-wall mast
✔️ Reinforced strut joints connectors


The Razor’s striking asymmetrical construction features a razor-like, self-tilting canopy profile that can rotate a full 360º.

Tuuci’s patented cam locking pulley system comes right from the marine industry with stainless fasteners, a spring-loaded cam lock, and a rigging grade 5mm nylon rope.

Ocean Master M1 Collection ribs feature reinforcement at joints, effectively distributing stress and guaranteeing added strength.


The Ocean Master MAX Zero Horizon is a triumph of minimalistic design and ultimate shade functionality. Maximizing overhead shade utility with a “zero” vertical profile, your views are never compromised with this durable outdoor parasol.

✔️ Shade anchors in 400 lbs, 600 lbs, and 800 lbs
✔️ Patented independent bracket hub system
✔️ Telescoping mast with “Easy Drive” crank life system
✔️ Marine-grade aluminum components
✔️ V-Max reinforced strut design
✔️ Cam locker for 360º rotation


The Ocean Master M1 Shade Pod features one to four separate canopies that are supported by a single mast, offering expansive shaded areas. Easily operational with independent auto lift piston systems and locking handles, the Shade Pod allows for the deployment of any of the canopies in different directions.

To learn more about Tuuci, contact us at info-email@cantoni.com, visit one of our showrooms, or call 325.261.6525.