The Fresh Prints: Decorating with Animal Prints

Featuring animal print in your home can be tricky. There is a fine line between exotic and excessive. When looking to add a simple touch of glamour to your home, use your “animal instincts” and try to remember the most important word: moderation.

Exciting jungle prints such as faux leopard or zebra can be wildly chic while hair-on-hide patterns give a rustic touch. Using one main color scheme paired with a small amount of animal print can add the perfect amount of drama to an otherwise ordinary space.

Opposites Attract

Many animal printed patterns are not only colorful and fun but also provide extra textures to the room. Texture is an important element of good design and a room without it is simply boring. Pair an imitation stencil rug with a bright sectional or add some faux fur pillows to a leather sofa for a vivid touch – literally!


Aside from being interesting and lively, animal prints are timeless. Neutral colors combined to make one main accent piece is a look that will always be in style. Using a small amount of prints adds a wonderful amount of contemporary flair. The best way to use animal print when decorating is to use only one type of print per room; this avoids overkill. Take a minimalistic approach and try not to be excessive. Remember, when decorating with prints, less is more!

Take a walk on the wild side and explore new ways to use animal prints in your home! Use this animal friendly mood-board for inspiration on how to decorate with fun prints.



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