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  • DIY Wall Decor

    DIY Wall Decor

    Refresh your walls and channel your inner artist with 5 fun and easy DIY wall décor ideas along with a detailed step-by-step guide from Cantoni’s Visual Guru, Anne Mancuso!

  • Introducing “Ask Anne”

    Introducing “Ask Anne”

    Meet Anne Mancuso, Cantoni’s Creative Director, or “Visual Guru” as we like to call her.

  • The Fresh Prints: Decorating with Animal Prints

    The Fresh Prints: Decorating with Animal Prints

    Featuring animal print in your home can be tricky. There is a fine line between exotic and excessive. When looking to add a simple touch of glamour to your home, use your “animal instincts” and try to remember the most important word: moderation. Exciting jungle prints such as faux leopard or zebra can be wildly […]